Antivirus for Mobile phones

I am often asked this question from my customers, colleagues or from online members, “Do I need antivirus for my mobile phone”, “I use iphone do I still need antivirus”?

My answer to these questions above is always yes. If you do any of the following you need antivirus:

  • Do you access any of your finances on your cellphone?
  • Do you access your emails on your cellphone?
  • Do you access social media on your cellphone?
  • Do you access wifi on your cellphone?

If you do any of the above you need an antivirus for your cellphone. In today’s world identity theft is becoming a bigger threat then just stealing money. In order to prevent unauthorized access, you need to have antivirus on your phone.

I have been listening to the news from last few days and discussion about Pegasus spyware is alarming. Pegasus is one of the spyware available and it is easy to blame them because they come from organized sector. There are thousands of other spywares available which are not as famous as Pegasus and they are not from organized sectors. Most of these spywares are controlled or managed by cyber criminals.

In a nutshell if you don’t have antivirus on your mobile phone then you are at risk of identity theft/data theft and financial loss.

Here are some options you can consider for antivirus for mobile phone:

Watchdog Mobile Security: This only works on android

Buy here: : USD: 19.95

Mcafee Mobile Security: : USD: $34.99

Stay Safe!

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